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What if you woke up tomorrow with double the number of weddings booked?

Having a thriving, full-time wedding photography business isn’t the stuff of daydreams. It’s the stuff of reality. And I’ll help you make it your reality.

You know you have the talent to be a great wedding photographer. So why aren’t you getting the bookings?

That expensive lens you bought (but haven’t used)? It’s time to use that to make some real money.

Feel like you’re spending every spare minute working on your side business, but with little to no return?

If this is you, don’t let go of your wedding photography dream just yet. If you’re feeling these things, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to get you where you want to go.

"Up to last year (2017), we only shot 18 weddings total. With your help, before 2018, we already have 18 weddings booked! There would be no way that we could have achieved that if you didn't guide us. That is proof your coaching has helped us."

Vince C.
Full-time wedding photographer | Florida

"Henry's educational efforts has undeniably helped me create a strong foundation to grow my photography business balancing the creative with strong business and customer service skills."

Kevin M.
Aspiring wedding photographer | California

"The mentoring program allowed me to review the material on my own terms and implement the pieces that we needed to move the needle on inquiries as well as bookings."

Chris H.
Full-time wedding photographer | California

"Henry knows what works or not from his experience and can fast track your success before you even know what questions to ask."

Gary L.
Part-time wedding photographer | Georgia

Hi I'm Henry Chen

Full-Time Wedding Photographer since 2009

I've had the pleasure and privilege of photographing over 400 weddings in the past decade.

Not only is wedding photography my passion. It's my carer and what helps me pay the bills, save up for retirement, and actually have income left over to do other things I enjoy.

Most importantly, I educate, inspire, and empower wedding photographers, like yourself, to create, build, and sustain a thriving business that fits their lifestyle.

So how can I help you achieve your goals as a wedding photographer?


Skeptical to learn from me? I don't blame you. If I were to invest my time into someone, I want to make sure that person has the experience and reputation in wedding photography. Allow me to take a moment to share with you what I've been up to and what my couples have had to say.

My Wedding Photography Company

Owner and photographer of Aevitas Weddings, my wedding photography company. With 400+ weddings photographed in a variety of settings, styles, cultures, and faiths.

230+ WeddingWire Reviews

Excited to be one of the most and highest rated wedding photographers in Southern CA on WeddingWire, currently with 237 reviews (all weddings and directly from the bride and groom).

SEO 2nd Page And 50+ Google Reviews

I'm right at the top of the map pack and my website link is on the 2nd page for the ever-so-popular phrase, "Los Angeles Wedding Photographers". Also have 52 Google reviews.

130+ Yelp Reviews

Honored to also be one of the most and highest rated wedding photographers in Southern CA on Yelp, currently with 139 reviews.

Wedding Photography Podcast

Host of the weekly show with 110+ episodes, the "Wedding Photography Podcast", 18 5-star reviews on iTunes.

Featured On Entertainment Tonight

Photographed Fox's "Empire" Kaitlin Doubleday and DJ Devin Lucien's wedding, photos featured on ET, US Weekly, The Knot, and other media channels.


Does that sound like a familiar question to you?

I fully believe that a key to success as a wedding photographer lies in breaking out of the “endless photography cycle...the hamster on the wheel feeling”.

You know what I’m talking about: the late nights endlessly stalking photography blogs, struggling to find time to work on your website while juggling a conventional job and family, and checking your email every few minutes to see if you got an inquiry.

5 steps forward but 4 steps back. When will you ever see true success?

Maybe you've signed up for a wedding photography workshop; purchased a course or two. Possibly even shot several weddings. But somehow, you keep hitting that imaginary brick wall and are not quite able to get over the hump.

Forget making six figures in wedding photography and doing this full-time. You're struggling to even get visits to your website and constantly have to give a discounts.

No consistent inquiries and bookings per month.

All your earnings go right back into your expenses, leaving you with no profit.

So exactly how can I help you?

I don't believe in just handing you over a free PDF guide, selling you a be-all-end-all course or even coaching you without knowing YOU, your lifestyle, and business aspirations.

No two wedding photographers share the same game plan for success. My goal?

To get to know YOU, come up with a one-of-a-kind game plan, i.e. a "road map", custom to your goals and lifestyle, and be your personal coach and #1 supporter.




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