WPP 142 - 10 Things I’ll Never Be As A Wedding Photographer






It’s easy to always be comparing yourself to other people and measure your success by theirs. So in this podcast episode, I wanted to get personal and share some of the things I’ll never be as a wedding photographer and why I’m okay with that.

After 11 years in the industry, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things I will never achieve or be, whether it be due to my personal situation or lifestyle choices.

I’ve come to a point where I don’t associate those things with failing but rather that I’ve found my niche and what I’m good at while being able to make an enjoyable living at the same time.

Some of the things I’ll never be as a wedding photographer include being a high profile or celebrity wedding photographer, as well as a destination wedding photographer, as I don’t want to be away from my family all the time.

I’ve also realized that I’ll probably never have a close network of colleagues working as part of my studio due to my social lifestyle and preference of just doing my own thing.

Despite building my number of followers on Instagram and through my podcast, I also know that I’ll never have the tens of thousands of followers required to be an industry leader.

But I’m okay with that and am content with sticking in my lane and doing what I’m capable of while knowing what success means to me.

By getting personal and sharing some of the things I’ll never be as a wedding photographer, I hope to inspire others to understand their strengths and what’s most important to them in building a successful wedding photography business.

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