WPP 135 - 15 Questions Prospective Clients Want To Ask You But Probably Won’t






Have you ever been in a meeting with prospective clients and felt that they want to ask you something but don’t want to appear rude or offend you?

Couples are investing a lot of money and trust in you as a wedding photographer and there are undoubtedly tons of questions they want to ask but may not always feel is appropriate.

In this podcast episode, I’m going to chat about some of the questions prospective clients want to ask you but probably won’t and why I like to put these things on the table and dispel any concerns they might have.

In addition to sharing with you questions from my personal experience, I’ll also let you know how I go about answering them to ease the minds of prospective clients.

From questions regarding why I don’t have a studio as a professional photographer to a lack of experience in shooting weddings of a particular style, cultural or faith, we’ll discuss the importance of addressing them head-on.

Perhaps the couple has done some online research and discovered you don’t work as a wedding photographer full-time and want reassurance that you have the experience and time available to deliver what you say you will.

In some cases, couples may feel that they haven’t seen enough images on your website and will ask to see more, just to be sure that you have enough experience to capture their wedding day in the way they hope.

In other instances, they may be worried that you won’t actually show up on the day after they’ve paid the money or that between now and their wedding day, you may decide you don’t want a career as a wedding photographer after all.

While you might not have any doubt in your mind that you can capture a couple’s wedding day beautifully and deliver the images on time, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes.

Consider some of the concerns that might be going through their mind and be upfront in putting them at ease, giving them the confidence that you’re the right wedding photographer for the job.

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