WPP 134 - 6 Critical Cs Of Success In Wedding Photography






When it comes to achieving success in wedding photography, there’s a certain mindset you need to have and a way of approaching your business that takes into consideration a number of different elements.

I like to refer to these as the “6 Critical Cs” and it’s essential that these things come together if you want to achieve your overall vision.

In this podcast episode, I’ll break down what each of these “6 Critical Cs” is and how they relate to achieving success in wedding photography.

We’ll begin with the commitment that’s required from you for the long-term future to make your business a priority, as well as the clarity you need to have to stay focused on the tasks at hand that will help you meet your goals.

We’ll also chat about the importance of being consistent with the quality of photographs you produce and the customer service you provide, as well as eventually establishing consistency in your brand as a whole.

I’ll also share with you my thoughts on collaboration with other photographers and vendors and how this can assist in mutually benefitting both of your businesses.

The final two “Cs” are creativity and confidence, with creativity an essential ingredient if you want your work and business to stand out, while confidence is vital for instilling trust in your clients. If you don’t have confidence and certainty in what you’re doing, then others around you won’t either.

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