WPP 143 - Addressing Wedding Photography Questions From A Podcast Listener






One of the most amazing emails I’ve ever received from a listener (and watcher of my YouTube channel) turned up in my inbox in the middle of June (2018), sharing with me a lot of the professional and personal struggles that he’s going through.

Many were things I had gone through early on in my career as a wedding photographer, so I thought rather than answer Thinh directly, I would (with his permission) create a podcast episode that might also benefit others.

First and foremost, I want to thank Thinh for reaching out and really appreciate his kind words regarding the work I’m doing to help other wedding photographers build successful businesses.

I was particularly thrilled to hear that despite watching many other photography-related videos, his passion for the craft was re-ignited after he started watching mine.

Thinh asked a whole variety of different questions about not only marketing and building a successful wedding photography business but also issues he was experiencing from a more technical standpoint.

How can you capture quality images inside a low-lit church setting or shoot couple portraits at sunset and how should you use a flash for the most effective results?

In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you how I approach each of these photographic situations and hopefully answer all of Thinh’s questions.

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