WPP 132 - Anyone Can Be A Wedding Photographer But How About a Successful One






Sometimes it can seem like everywhere you turn there’s someone calling themselves a “wedding photographer” and when all it really takes to get started is a decent camera, some shooting experience, and a website…why not!?

But there’s a big difference between dabbling in wedding photography and maybe shooting a few weddings a year and being a full-time wedding photographer who makes a living solely off their craft.

In this day and age, competition in the wedding photography industry is at an all-time high and the market is completely saturated. So it takes much more than just labeling yourself as a wedding photographer to secure the bookings that you need to not only make a living but establish a successful career for the long-term future.

In this podcast episode, I’ll chat about what it really takes to forge a successful career as a wedding photographer and the knowledge required to be able to market your business and treat it like a full-time profession.

How can you make your wedding photography stand out from the thousands of other “wedding photographers” out there and convey to potential couples that this is not a part-time hobby but your full-time profession?

While anyone can claim the title of “wedding photographer”, there is a huge spectrum when it comes to experience, customer service and the quality of images, which is what’s going to set you apart from the pack.

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