WPP 146 - Are you as good of a wedding photographer as you think you are?






While some wedding photographers know that they need to improve (not just when it comes to photography skills but also managing their business and developing their people skills), others think they’ve got it all figured out.

They’re confident about their photographic skills and they’ve got a website up, so the bookings should just start rolling in, right?

In this wedding photography podcast episode, I want to give those photographers a bit of a wake-up call and bring them back to reality.

You might have lots of followers on Instagram or hits to your website, but if that’s not translating to leads and bookings, then you might not be where you think you are in your business.

If you’re not seeing progression or the earnings you think you should, you might not be as good a wedding photographer as you think you are.

If this is the case, it’s time to look yourself in the mirror and be honest about your skills as a wedding photographer so you can start taking positive steps in the right direction.

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