WPP 104 - Following Your Passion Isn’t Enough For A Successful Business




Passion is an essential ingredient for any successful wedding photography business and probably the main reason you decided to pursue this path in the first place. It your heart’s not in it, potential clients will quickly pick up on it and probably go elsewhere. But passion alone is not enough. There are a lot of other elements that need to be taken into account if you want to build a thriving business for the long-term future.

In this episode, we’ll chat about some of the areas you need to work on to create a successful wedding photography business. Taking high-quality photographs that stand out from the rest is essential, which may require a significant investment in time and money when it comes to purchasing professional photographic gear and practicing your craft. You also need to have good time management skills and be able to juggle the photography and administration sides of your business.

Do you have the customer service skills to engage clients, listen to their needs and deliver the results they want? And can you photograph the number of weddings you need to make a living, while still leading the lifestyle you want? These are just some of the things you need to consider, aside from your passion for wedding photography, if you want to create a successful business.



Why are we talking about this? News flash Henry. Of course, following your passion is either enough or isn’t enough. You’re kind of on one side or the other. Now, what I would like to say about this is it’s not quite black and white. I’m not saying just because the title is “Just following your passion isn’t good enough to become successful” doesn’t mean that you should not be passionate. That is very much…I don’t even think that could be applicable. How can you be successful, how can you enjoy what you’re doing if you’re not passionate about it. I don’t know of one single wedding photographer that tells me, at least when they got started and when they’re doing so well, that they’re not passionate about it. But they’re doing really well, booking all these weddings, making six figures, having a full-time career doing this. Nobody really says that thing that they’re not passionate about.

Now I know that for some of us, maybe there’s going to be some peaks and dips. We’re going to have our great days and really horrible days. I talked about that in episode, maybe 97/98, somewhere around there, about how wedding photography, the ups and downs, you’ve got to stay the course. But really the second part of this, where it’s not going to make you successful, just passion alone. I know that’s a little bit of a “Debbie downer”. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, especially for some of us just getting starting.

Now, I highly encourage that we keep that fire alive when it comes to the drive and commitment of wedding photography. Having that passion for it. Without it, it’s going to be a long, long road to become successful. So that, I definitely believe. But just because you’re passionate about it, doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to become successful. Whatever your metrics, your goals for that is - booking a certain number of weddings, making a certain income per year, photographing even the types of weddings, getting the clientele you want. Whatever your definition of success is, I really believe that you have to have passion for wedding photography. However, it’s not enough.

Now another reason why I wanted to dedicate an entire episode to this is maybe the misconception that just because you love doing this and you believe in yourself. Having that confidence even. That’s great. Those are all wonderful attributes. I highly am all for that. But I know for some of us, we have all that and think that it will be enough. Okay, as long as I believe in myself, I’m passionate about what I’m doing, then I’m going to make it. Again, I know I’m bursting some bubbles and I don’t mean to do that. Just from my perspective, it’s not enough. We’re going to have to do much more than that. We’re going to possibly even have to take off the passion hat or cape that we’re wearing and consider many other things that we need to juggle in order to get where we want to be.


The different stages of passion in wedding photography.

Taking a couple of steps back. When it comes to having passion for wedding photography, maybe, depending on where you are in your business, perhaps you just found this podcast or you just got into wedding photography. It could have been a couple of months ago. I got an email recently about someone who quit their really well-established, conventional, full-time job and started doing wedding photography. They literally just got their cameras and are getting their feet wet. Maybe your opportunity to photograph your first wedding could come a month or two after you purchased your camera. Or it could be weeks and weeks later.

Perhaps you’ve been doing wedding photography and the term of doing wedding photography is very subjective. For some of us it could be 40 weddings a year, to others it could be 4 or 5. To some it could be, well, I’ve gotta photograph this many, I’ve gotta make this amount. For others it’s whatever I can get from wedding photography is just gravy on top, the cherry on the ice cream, so to speak. I don’t need to book any weddings, but if I shoot one here or there or two for a friend, I consider myself a wedding photographer and, dare I say it, successful.

So wherever you are in the spectrum, I really believe that we need to have some level of this passion. Now there isn’t an absolute metric, like a scale of 10 for 10 when it comes to passion or 1 for 10. Somebody’s passion could be another person’s 5, another’s 10. My level of passion could be very different from yours and different from your colleague. One thing’s for sure though, I don’t think any of us just wake up in the morning and think okay, I’m really passionate about wedding photography, I’m going to start doing this or I’m going to continue doing this. I don’t think we have that level of conscientious thinking. It’s more of perhaps a curiosity in the beginning, it’s like hey, this looks interesting. I just got a camera to photograph my upcoming travels or we just had a kid and I want to document how they grow up and all. For whatever reason you buy a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera, whatever it might be.

And maybe it could be that the camera is really a means…for me it was because I never really got around. I never went around Southern California, I wanted a reason or sort of an excuse to go by myself and maybe having a camera really helps where I can just go to a museum, a park, a beach, wherever on my own and just take some photos. That’s kind of how things got started. But you know, an interest, a curiosity, one thing leads to another and somewhere in there, that’s where the idea of wedding photography came about. So maybe you’ve been doing this like 7, 8, 10+ years and you don’t want to go down memory lane again and start from the very beginning. While for some of us, it’s like yeah, the drive, the fire, that passion is really strong right now. We’re still at a high where you’re super excited to photograph your first wedding or your next one. Whether it’s second shooting or ready to book your next clientele. Whatever it might be in this whole spectrum.


How do you know when you’re passionate about wedding photography?

But when it comes to that passion side, you’re going to know when you’re in that realm of the feeling. When you’re going from that curiosity, that interest, maybe even some doubt, to yeah, I really want to do this. What are signs that you’re sort of in this realm of passion. For example, it could be that you’re willing to sacrifice your free time, normally you’ll use that to socialize a bit more or watch the latest series on Netflix or go out to eat. Whatever that fun, social gathering, hobbies, things that you like to do, right? Well, all of a sudden, that’s going to transition to like oh, I really want to spend this evening reading up on how to shoot in manual mode. Or I’m going to look more into the different web design companies out there and choose one. Or I’m really going to make a conscious effort to network, connect with some photographers in my area. Reach out to them via email or go to the next networking event and see if I can possibly get some opportunities to assist, second shoot, just help out wherever I can.

You’re going to start seeing some shifts in how you allocate your time, your energy and even your money. You’re not going to splurge as much on, say, eating out or even going on a trip or splurging other ways. Instead, you’re saving up to buy that camera body or that lens or getting your website up and running. So those are signs, of course, that not only are you serious about doing wedding photography but yes, you are growing your passion for it. It’s not something that we wake up and have 100% passion for. It’s something we build. I certainly didn’t go hey, I want to do wedding photography, I’m all for it 110%, super duper passionate about it and then I’m going to do all these things. No, it didn’t work that way. I took a chance on it. I bet it wasn’t like jumping with two feet from my engineering profession. I had one leg on this ledge and the other foot across on the wedding photography ledge. It was sort of teetering on those two and that’s sort of what we do, right?


Hitting the brick wall.

So everything sounds great so far, right? You’re excited, you’re on an all-time high, that passion is growing inside of you. Well, what’s the problem? Eventually, you’re going to hit a certain brick wall. Something that’s going to go, hold up, just being passionate is not enough anymore. It’s going to help you get through certain challenges. It’s even going to get you very excited - oh, I cannot wait to test out this camera and lens or I got my first second shooting opportunity, my very first wedding, this couple actually booked me, I made my first dollar or $100, $500, $1000. Wow, I actually made some money doing this. You’re very much excited about those things and, dare I say it, very proud and we definitely should be.

So I’m not saying, trying to be a “Debbie downer”, we shouldn’t have this passion and drive. But we’re all going to hit a certain brick wall. You might already be there. The fact that you might be listening to my podcast and wondering okay, I’m at a point right now I don’t know what to do next. Yes, I’m still excited, I’m still even passionate about wedding photography but I just don’t know what to do next. And that question of what to do next is probably for another discussion. We can go on and on, right? What are the challenges - not getting enough inquiries, not getting enough bookings etc.

Let’s take it a step back. I just had episode number 101 all about it. We’re not even getting enough traffic to our website. So despite you being very passionate about wedding photography, it’s not helping you book more weddings or whatever your criteria is or whatever your goals are. And what do we do at that point? You can’t be so called more passionate. Oh, I’m going to be more excited. If anything, you’re going to be less. You’re going to be distraught, disappointed, just wondering what to next. Okay, I love doing this, I want to do more of it, why aren’t there couples out there that want to work with me? Look at me, I’m very much passionate about wedding photography, I have the gear, I’m dead serious about this, I’m doing everything I can. Why aren’t couples inquiring and wanting to hire me, right?

I’m sure there are those out there that want to have a wedding photographer that’s very serious, that means the best when it comes to photos and providing quality customer service and, of course, very passionate. They don’t want to work with a photographer that has no drive or incentive or just that will, that commitment of putting their wedding on the top of their list. They want to work with a photographer like you that’s downright passionate about this. But then, even with that, we’re still struggling, not even getting inquiries, bookings. Forget about that. Being found. And even somehow, if you’re being found. Wait, I am getting visits to my website, I see that people are visiting my contact page, they’re spending a decent amount of time on my portfolio, my blog and year, the contact page itself. I say that’s like the 3rd or 4th most visited page on my website. Why is it that nobody’s contacted me? Somehow I got like 100 visits to my contact page last month but I only got 3 inquiries. Not to say you’re going to get 100 or anywhere close to that. But why didn’t I get double that, why didn’t I get 10 or 15 or 20? Why was it only 3, 5, 1 or, even worse, 0 right?

That’s what I really want to get at with this episode, the whole thing about following your passion with wedding photography. That’s great and all, but it’s not enough to help you become successful and, for that matter, if you’ve had a taste of that success, to sustain it and even better, to thrive and to grow with that level of success.


Addressing other aspects of your business to ensure its success.

So maybe at this point, we’re all on the same page. Whether you feel like passion is enough or it isn’t, the reality is, something needs to change or be fixed with our business. It’s just not right. I don’t think if we have a conventional job, whatever it might be. It might be we love it and definitely if you don’t love it, we know something needs to be fixed. But more or less you’re working 40 hours a week or 60, I’m on salary. This is really the best I can do. It’s already 5pm on a Thursday afternoon. If I stay later, what am I really going to get done? I’m not even going to get paid for it. It’s the weekend, I’m not even thinking about work, it’s a Sunday afternoon. What am I going to get done at this time anyway right? I might as well just enjoy the time with my family or do something fun that i enjoy. Whatever it might be, we’re kind of set mentally when it comes to a conventional type of thinking.

But that’s not the case when you’re your own boss and you’re a wedding photographer. You run your own business. There is no like, okay, well, I’m not getting enough inquiries or enough bookings. I’m just going to go and have fun, go and enjoy dinner with my loved ones or go to the beach or let’s go on a hike. Whatever hobbies or interests you have, it doesn’t really work that way. Unless of course, you’re not looking to make this a full-time profession or, dare I say it, a full-time career. That’s who I’m talking to - my message, my vision. I’m not saying that if you don’t have that goal or that vision that you’re any less passionate or even serious about wedding photography. No, absolutely not, but I cannot speak to so-called “everybody”. I’m speaking to the ones that want to make this the absolute best situation for yourself, your lifestyle, what your goals are, your criteria. Specific to you and nobody else.

If that’s the case, you’ll know that something is just not right. It’s going to be pretty evident. Hey, I set out to book this many weddings per year. It’s already October and my goal was, let’s say, 20 weddings for 2017 and I’m only at 5. There’s no way I’m going to meet this goal. Well, that goal you didn’t meet. It’s going to be, dare I say it, a failure. So that’s when you know something’s not right. So even if you are very passionate about wedding photography, you’re still optimistic, that’s not going to help you meet the goal by any means. Being, who knows, two times more passionate (whatever that means). Maybe even spending more time and all, we’ll get to that in a bit, but just the desire, the will, the drive. Like, I really want to make this work, I really, really, really want to make this work. It’s not going to affect your goals at all. It’s not going to make it any more likely that you’re going to accomplish them and that’s just the hard truth, reality.

And speaking of looking at inquiries, let’s say you do meet a prospective couple. They found you, they want to have a consultation with you. The fact that you’re very passionate about wedding photography, that helps a lot. I’m not saying it’s not going to make a difference. Of course you need to be honest with yourself and prospective couples. Don’t fake it, don’t pretend like you’re only passionate about it to get the booking. Couples are going to sense that and see right through you if you’re not being true and honest with that. So absolutely you want to be passionate about it. However, it’s definitely not enough to get the booking. You can be the most passionate wedding photographer in the world but if you have poor photography skills, if your branding is not up to par, particularly if you’re charging a certain amount that doesn’t justify it. Well, guess what? The couple is not going to hire you no matter how passionate you are.

So you guys kind of get my example that sure, it’s going to get you to a certain point or maybe you’re at a certain point and being more passionate will help you get past that finish line, but it’s definitely not enough. So, in that case you might be wondering, okay Henry, that sounds like me, I’m in that situation. I love wedding photography, I enjoy doing this, I can only wish there were more opportunities for me to do this. I have the gear, I have the time, I’m free these Saturdays or Sundays, why is it that I’m not able to make the most of my resources, my time, improve my photography, build my portfolio, make an earning and so forth.

Well, this is the harsh reality and a lot of times we sort of want to brush this to the side, we don’t want to make this a big deal. And the first thing for that really is acknowledging that just because you want something to happen, something you even enjoy very much, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the case. We have to accept that. Hey, I want 20 million other things and it’s not going to happen just because I want it. We all know that.


Keeping your passion strong when things aren’t working out as you planned.

Now the next thing, not only having the desire, even when things are going bad. Maybe you’re not getting any inquiries at all, nobody’s visiting your website. It’s really difficult to keep that passion alive, that fire strong. I know that feeling as well. Some of us might, I don’t want to say give up, but definitely our confidence, our excitement, our so-called passion, are going to take a hit and reality definitely hits very quickly, like oh my gosh, I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be when I bought this camera gear or when I put up my website, I post on social media, on Instagram. My friends know that I’m a wedding photography. Why aren’t the inquiries rolling in? I know that they’re getting married. I know that their friends are getting married. I saw some photos on Facebook or Instagram. Why didn’t they consider me, right?

So you have to keep that faith strong. Now I’m not saying to have benign or sort of delusional faith or delusional optimism that it’s going to magically work out, miracles are going to happen. Definitely don’t count on that. I always say if you base your business on miracles, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’ve got to have an actual plan, of course, but facts, data, numbers, think objectively. But hold that thought, the passion is still there, what now? You need to assess the situation that you’re in. Why is it that…whatever the problem might be - not getting enough visits, not getting enough inquiries, you’re getting inquiries but you’re not getting enough bookings. That’s kind of where the bus stops for a lot of us - we’re not getting enough inquiries.

Now a few of us might be well, we’re not converting them to bookings. That’s a little bit of a different story. But when it comes to not getting inquiries, a lot of times it’s that we’re not even getting enough visits to our website and when I look at Analytics, that’s why I dedicated episode number 101 to it, it’s pretty evident why that’s the case. No wonder you’re not getting enough inquiries, nobody’s even visiting your website. Well that’s great that you’re posting on Instagram and you might even have the tied to your Facebook fan page so you can see the Analytics - how many impressions, you need viewers. But then you look at it and see “clicks to my website” - 1, 3, 5 maybe if you’re lucky.

Well, guess what? You can have all the followers in the world and likes and comments. But to me at least, if I’m not getting any conversions to my website, somebody filling out the contact form and putting Instagram as how they found me or at least one of the avenues that built their confidence to contact me. Then to me, what is the point of that? Yes, I know it’s a little bit harsh, I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole. But you can see where there’s a lot more than hey, I enjoy doing this.

Or maybe you are spending some money on advertising, like The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, Here Comes the Guide - on and on, examples I’ve given a million times on past episodes. That’s great, you’re spending money which means there are eyeballs to your listing, your storefront on that site. But guess what? The photo that you used is not the optimal one, it’s not speaking to prospective clients and once they click on your storefront, maybe they don’t like the gallery of images, the lack of reviews you have. So you check your Analytics and there’s hardly any visits coming from a Wedding Wire or, in the previous example, it could be the Instagram, Facebook, on and on. So that’s the level of the Analytics, the understanding I want to have.

First is, oh I’m really excited about being a wedding photographer and I’m just going to hope that a miracle is going to happen, I’m going to get inquiries all of a sudden. I promise you, that will not happen. I don’t think any business is hey, I enjoy doing this, I want to do more of it and the success will come, just because I’m passionate about it. You want to use the feel, the drive from being passionate to help you with all these other things. It’s not fun looking at numbers and data. Definitely not for me, even though it might sound like hey, I was a former engineer, I love math, it was my favorite subject in high school. I love looking at Google Analytics or the heat maps to my website, which by the way shows you where people are clicking, where they’re going to, how long they are staying. All that great data and so forth. Well, I don’t hate looking at that and in an ideal world, I wouldn’t need to look at all that. I wouldn’t need to spend money on advertising to get leads and all. I wouldn’t constantly need to tweet things here and there. But I’ve got to do all those things because it’s a necessary part of trying to continue to be successful.

But one of the main drives or reasons why I don’t mind doing that is because I’m passionate about wedding photography. But I don’t really have to think about it like oh, before I check my Analytics, let me make sure I’m still passionate about wedding photography. It doesn’t work that way. I know that sounds pretty silly to mention that. It’s not like I’m going to go to this networking event with other wedding professionals or collaborate with something. But let me make sure I’m passionate about wedding photography. No, not really. That passion, that excitement, that love for it is very much innate in me. I don’t need to have a conscientious effort, think about it and then okay, I’m going to be doing those other things.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this for many years. Maybe in the beginning I was thinking more like that. But for me these days, even when it comes to something I really don’t want to do, like when the New Year rolls around and I have to do my taxes, I absolutely dread that. Or just the other day I had to take my Canon Mark IIIs for some maintenance. I know that’s going to cost me several hundred dollars. Or heaven forbid if I have a couple that maybe wasn’t too happy with something, maybe it’s a wedding that’s going to be extra stressful, challenging and so forth. Yeah, without a doubt, there’s going to be situations where I’m going to be like man, I don’t really want to be doing that. And in those situations, the passion for wedding photography definitely kicks in. I remind myself hey, there’s a reason why I’m doing this. This is a means to a bigger, better end.

And that’s really what I want us to be thinking. Use the passion inside of us as fuel to try and solve these other problems or challenges and issues. Not so much as just counting on the passion side. If you don’t want to do something like oh, I really don’t want to look into which website design company to pick or I have to color correct this wedding. Or yeah, it’s great that I booked this wedding, it’s my so and so one of the year. I’m actually meeting or passing my quota. That’s a great feeling and then, all of a sudden, when you get closer to that wedding, you might be in a situation where things are a bit extra crazy. It’s the busy summer and you’ve got to juggle say a conventional job and you’ve got to find a babysitter for your kids and whatever the situation might be.

And maybe you find out other things about that wedding, like all of a sudden, the couple gives you a shot list or they added this part to the day and you become a bit like oh man, now it’s going to be a lot more difficult than I originally envisioned. Or here I go, this is that one wedding where it’s going to be a 15 hour day or I have to travel out of town. And you start to get a bit like, I wish it was a little bit easier and so forth. Well, that’s where having the passion for wedding photography really helps. Once again you’re looking at a means to an end. Just imagine how your services, the photos that you capture, how happy it’s going to make the couple. Remember they picked you over everybody else. They had a choice to pick other wedding photographers, invest their money and give that trust to others. But they chose you and that, to me, has and always will be the ultimate level of love for wedding photography and why I have the passion for it.

No matter how hectic, stressful, crazy things get, the ups and the downs and so forth. Because knowing that this couple (yes, some of us joke that crazy couple or that wedding was a little bit extra too much) but still, they hired us, they picked us. I will never take that for granted and that’s really where a lot of my feel, my passion for it comes from where I’m going to give that extra mileage that I can, that extra effort. Just when I think I’m a bit tired, no, not yet. Let’s keep going that extra sort of level of determination. All of this, to provide the level of service and quality of photography.


Being passionate while wearing the multiple hats of a wedding photography business.

But it doesn’t stop just with the wedding day and that’s what I want all of us to really, sort of, ingrain in us. It’s not just the wedding day, it’s not just about taking photos. When it comes to being passionate about wedding photography, what are we all thinking about? Oh, turning up to a wedding, turning on a camera and taking some photos of some couples, amazing day. Of course, that’s the most obvious thing. But we all know that we wear multiple hats when it comes to being your own boss, running your own business.

So when it’s some of these other matters, I want us to have this same sort of level of drive and commitment. No, it’s not going to be the same level of capturing this incredible moment or portrait on a wedding day. But still, don’t forget that level of passion you had in those moments when it comes to other matters. That long drive, stuck in traffic, starting super duper early. Crazy family formals - I know that’s on the wedding day. But behind the scene things - having to cull through thousands of images or color correct. Or having to optimize your website with SEO and doing keywords and all that good stuff. Maybe, having to make that effort to go to a networking event or putting together a shoot. Or whatever other things you might be doing, that’s all going to help you become or continue to be successful.

That’s really my take home message, you guys. It all sort of works together, it’s not one or the other. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be passionate and yeah, just because you are doesn’t automatically mean you can’t do those other things. Instead, use that passion, that feel as the engine for all these other things. And really try to have this, in a way, an unbiased (I don’t want to say unemotional but that’s kind of the best word I can use)…have this bird’s eye level of your business. Don’t just see the trees, also see the forest. Don’t just look at what’s ahead of you but also what’s going to be coming down the pipeline. That’s always the thing - working on your business, not within your business.

It’s all great when things are going well and you’re getting the inquiries, you’re getting your steady inquiries per month. Your income every single month is roughly where you want it to be. You’ve have this incredible summer and you can afford to have a pretty poor winter or off season, right? When things are going well, great, off course you’re passionate about it. Why wouldn’t you be, that’s what feeling the success you’re having. But hey, what happens when things take a nose dive, you’re having to do something you don’t want to do, you’re having a difficult wedding or clientele situation. That’s really where we dig deep and use our passion to get us through the hump.



So you guys, as I slowly wrap up, I hope that in this episode, it gave us a little bit of a reminder that yes, we want to be passionate about wedding photography, but we need to do more than that. A lot of what I’ve talked about in past episodes. Having attainable goals, right? A friendly reminder. I think I talked about that in episode number 101 or was it 99? I think it was episode 99, that you need to have something attainable, an end goal, something that fits within your lifestyle. Don’t have things that are unrealistic. Because once you start having goals or rather, no goals, that’s where your passion starts to dip a bit.

I’ve noticed that with some of my colleagues over the last decade, there was a time that all of us were super duper excited to not only get into wedding photography, but do this. Do this, dare I say it, even full time. Yeah, I can envision maybe quitting my conventional job or doing that part time. Maybe my wife or my husband could be the main bread winner and I can do wedding photography on the side while raising a family or whatever it might be. We had these goals, these visions, these scenarios like, you know, wedding photography is going to be a great choice for all those reasons. But somewhere along the way, why is it that we lost that drive? Well, it’s because our business didn’t quite work out the way we had hoped for, right?

That’s something really difficult to accept, to admit. Yikes, two years ago, five years ago I had set out to do this and I didn’t quite get where I wanted to for whatever reason. You just didn’t have realistic goals, maybe you really had to push your photography skills, your communication skills, the branding, the amount of effort you put into all of that. Your web design etc wasn’t where you needed it to be for you to become more successful. And through that, your passion slowly withered away. Then it becomes a cyclical loop that you never get out of and that’s the worst case scenario. You have the passion for it in the beginning, then you start to lose it because your business isn’t successful. And because your business isn’t successful, you’ve become less passionate about wedding photography and then, that cycle repeats. Because you’re less passionate about wedding photography, your business will never become successful.

And of course, at a certain point, if you are not passionate, you’re just losing it, you’re not giving that extra effort, I hate to say it, as I mentioned earlier, I can promise you, your business will never, ever become successful if you don’t have the passion for it. That is the ultimate wakeup call and you know what, sure, you might get some opportunities to second shoot, assist, maybe a friend of a friend asks you to be their wedding photographer because they didn’t think about looking elsewhere and they knew that you were a photographer and they asked you. That’s great and all. But if you’re looking to make this a full-time profession, possibly even a career, not having the passion is not going to help you get to any of those things.

So hopefully this episode has been a little reminder to get us back on track if we’ve been steering away from it. Lastly, I want to hear your thoughts? What do you guys think? Do you think this is something you agree on, disagree? How passionate are you with wedding photography right now? Is it more, is it less than where you were when you began or even just a few months ago? Where do you see your passion for wedding photography heading towards if nothing else changes? Would you say that passion has helped you, has it continued to help you and, specifically, helping you meet your goals and become a successful wedding photographer? Let me know, as always, I’m an open book. Email me at [email protected].


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