WPP 147 - High-End Gear And A Fancy Website Alone Won’t Help You Book Weddings






Quite often I’ll hear new wedding photographers make the excuse of “My website is not launched yet.” or “If only I had better gear.” to explain why they’re not getting leads and bookings.

But usually, it comes down to not spending the time, energy, and money marketing their new business and getting their name out there so that potential clients can actually find them.

Of the three components that you need to launch yourself as a wedding photographer and help you book weddings - gear to shoot, a quality website, and a marketing plan - it’s the latter that too often gets overlooked.

Many of us will spend lots of time researching what gear to buy and spend all of our available resources on purchasing the best available.

We might then skimp on a professional web designer to save on a do-it-yourself website and spend months creating it, while at the same time missing out on opportunities to be shooting weddings.

In this wedding photography podcast episode, we’ll chat about the importance of getting the balance between these three components right.

Rather than focusing solely on your gear and website, I’ll share with you why I think the marketing side of things is equally (if not more) important to help you book weddings.

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