WPP 145 - How To Determine And Get Your Ideal Wedding Photography Clientele






There’s a saying “you get what you show” and this rings true when trying to appeal to your ideal wedding photography clientele. The images you share on your social media pages and website should reflect the clientele you want to appeal to and reflect how you would capture their special day.

But what if you’re not even sure what your ideal wedding photography clientele is? In this podcast episode, we’ll chat about determining what this means to you and how you can go about attracting those kinds of couples to your wedding photography business.

It might be glamorous venues or high-end decor that you want to capture or perhaps it’s multicultural wedding celebrations or couples that put a high priority on photography.

For most of us, we want to appeal to clients whose budget fits in with our pricing, as well as those that like our style of photography. For other wedding photographers, personality is also important and working with people that you “click” with.

So once you’ve figured out your ideal wedding photography clientele, how do you go about appealing to them? I’ll share with you some of my tips and insights as to how I go about attracting my ideal clientele through my online presence and marketing.

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