WPP 131 - How To Get Opportunities To Assist And Second Shoot At Weddings






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If you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer, the challenge might not be in getting your own inquiries and bookings but having the opportunity to assist and second shoot at weddings at all.

Before you can start attracting your own clients, you need to build a solid portfolio and reputation, which can only come from experience in photographing weddings and learning on the job.

But it can be tricky to get these opportunities, with many established wedding photographers already having a network of go-to second shooters and assistants or maybe being wary about trusting new photographers.

So what’s the best way of approaching an established wedding photographer to secure these opportunities to assist and second shoot at their weddings?

In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you some of my tips and advice on how to get opportunities to assist and second shoot at weddings, as well as how NOT to go about it.

We’ll chat about the importance of getting to know the main photographer and their style of photography, together with having a solid portfolio to share with them to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

I’ll also discuss the need for new photographers to “pay their dues” as assistants, rather than just assuming they’ll automatically be given the opportunity to second shoot and capture their own images.

If you’re willing to be flexible and take the time to assist and learn from established wedding photographers, you’re more likely to get be offered second shooting positions in the long run.

Never just think about what the photographer can do for you but consider what you can bring to their business. It’s this approach and attitude that will make you stand out from other wedding photographers who are just starting out and open many more doors in the industry.

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