WPP 164 - How To Get Wedding Photography Leads During The Engagement Season






“Tis the season!  In the wedding industry, the months of December through February are known as the “Proposal Season,” and that means it’s time to build leads and book weddings.

Preparing your business for this season would have ideally happened a few months ago, but in this podcast episode, we are going to cover a few ways to increase your odds for making the most of the season no matter how prepared you are today.

Word of mouth is always the best way to grow any business, and wedding photography businesses are no different. Word of mouth goes deeper than just your network of friends and family - there are preferred vendors, reviews, and of course social media, as well.

These can all generate valuable wedding photography leads to your business. Making your first impression will often happen through your website or social media, so in this episode, we’ll also talk about effective marketing strategies to get the most out of your online presence with blogging, online advertisements and more.

It is always helpful to rate how your business is doing on a scale from 1-10, asking yourself how you’re doing currently and taking a look at what has worked and hasn’t worked for you in the past year(s).

With this information, you can determine what things you can tweak or slowly add in to see a marked improvement and achieve the success you’ve been working toward.

Most importantly, however, keep in mind that it’s best to focus on a few things at a time and do your best with those first before adding a ton of additional strategies.

Trying to do everything at once will not be as effective as if you focus on 1-3 times and do those really well. The bottom line:  create an insightful marketing game plan, focus on strategy and execution, and you’ll soon start to grab more wedding photography leads.

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