WPP 157 - How To Photograph A Wedding - Wedding Day Photography Tips






This October marks three years since I started my wedding photography podcast, with the main focus being on the business side of the industry, such as marketing tips, people skills, and the business mindset.

But it’s with great excitement that I announce an expansion for Success In Wedding Photography in response to numerous questions I’ve had from the community about how I go about photographing a wedding.

In addition to YouTube videos offering a behind the scenes look at how I photograph weddings, I’m also going to be releasing regular podcast episodes to share my insights on shooting venues, details, and portraits.

I’ll share with you tips on how I photograph different parts of the day, including the directions I offer couples, as well as the lenses and lighting that I use.

I’ll also be releasing an upcoming course, "How To Photograph A Wedding", which will be my flagship educational project to help other photographers with the shooting side of running a successful wedding photography business.

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