WPP 158 - How To Photograph A Wedding - Wedding Photography 101






To coincide with the launch of my new course “How to Photograph a Wedding”, I wanted to offer some tips and advice over the next month on how to do just that.

In this first of a five-part series on wedding day photography tips, we’ll chat about what it means to be a great wedding photographer and what you can expect from my podcasts over the coming month.

I’ll share with you what I believe it takes to be a great wedding photographer and how you can go about it - not only taking amazing images but also offering an excellent client experience.

We’ll then break things down, focusing one episode on tips for photographing the bride and groom getting ready and another on portraits, including pre- and post-ceremony couple portraits, as well as bridal party portraits, and family formals.

Another episode will be dedicated to photographing ceremonies and receptions before we wrap things up. We’ll be focusing on the three different types of wedding day photos in this "How To Photograph A Wedding" podcast series - details, portraits, and moments (candid photos).

Also, we'll touch upon what I believe it means to take amazing photos - competence, creativity and having a comprehensive gallery of photos to share.

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