WPP 140 - Importance Of Having A Profitable Wedding Photography Business






When you’re first starting out in wedding photography, it’s easy to just see the fun side of it and the opportunity to transform your passion into a money-earning activity.

Being your own boss, capturing beautiful details and moments are all part of the allure, but there will probably come a time when it suddenly hits home that you have to make this work!

In this podcast episode, I want to share with you two times that the importance of having a profitable wedding photography business suddenly hit me, which (not surprisingly) both occurred around the time I purchased a home.

The financial obligations of buying a home and the mortgage repayments come as a reality check, particularly if your wedding photography business is your sole income.

While we all hope that our career as a wedding photographer will be fun, there are times when you really have to buckle down and be serious about what you’re doing.

By sharing my experiences and how I dealt with this realization, it will hopefully prepare others for the road ahead and what it means to create a successful wedding photography business.

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