WPP 138 - Is it too competitive to become a wedding photographer in 2018?






All too often I hear that wedding photographers are struggling to get their business up and running because there are so many wedding photographers out there.

The market they’re working in is completely saturated and just too competitive, with lots of talented wedding photographers that have many years of experience at their advantage.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t become a wedding photographer (and a successful one). So in this podcast episode, I wanted to offer some hope to photographers out there who might be feeling disheartened by their situation.

Getting a foothold in competitive markets is all about knowing the right marketing strategies to get your name out there. It might require a lot of hard work and effort but the rewards will be worth in.

And what successful career doesn’t require time, energy, and patience? Whether it’s years of study (and the expenses that go along with that) or doing internships at a reduced salary, we all have to pay our dues before we reap the rewards.

It’s the same case when you decide to become a wedding photographer and it’s important not to use the competition or a saturated market as an excuse not to stay committed to trying to build your business for the long-term future.

Remember that if you don’t put in the hard yards, another wedding photographer will. It’s about working hard and working smart to achieve the goals you set yourself.

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