WPP 176 - Is wedding photography really dead? Not at all.






Something I hear time and time again from reading industry-related articles and chatting with colleagues is that wedding photography is dead.

The market has become completely saturated with so many wedding photographer entering the market and they’re driving the prices down, making it hard for existing (and new) photographers to make a living.

Once you’ve paid for your operational and education expenses, as well as gear and marketing, you’re left with little to show for it.

So is wedding photography dead? While I agree that times are challenging and prices are being driven down with more competition, I don’t agree that you can’t make a healthy living in the industry.

In this podcast episode, I’ll debunk some of the most common, related complaints I’ve been hearing through social media discussions and direct from colleagues, such as their struggles with only getting budget clientele leads to not getting any leads at all, despite spending thousands on advertising.

One of the most interesting perspectives is that of new wedding photographers and seasoned pros who are both struggling because of the other.

I often hear seasoned pros complaining about all the new wedding photographers diluting the market while new photographers are finding it impossible to get a foot in the door with so many established ones around.

If you want to succeed in today’s market, it’s still possible but you have to adapt and evolve with the times. So wedding photography is very much alive, provided you know how to capitalize on it.


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