WPP 133 - My Biggest Pet Peeves As A Wedding Photographer






After a decade in the industry and shooting more than 400 weddings, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences. So in this podcast episode, I wanted to share with you 11 of my pet peeves as a wedding photographer, many of which I’m sure you’ll identify with if you’re in the industry yourself.

Not only will I chat about things that happen on the wedding day itself, such as guests with cameras getting in my way and not being fed, but also my pet peeves in the behind-the-scenes of running a wedding photography business.

Having your contact information available to everyone on the internet puts you at the mercy of countless telemarketers and those soliciting through email spam and social media comments, which are invariably just a big waste of my time.

I like to work efficiently, so wedding day schedules running behind due to delays in hair and makeup is another of my pet peeves as a wedding photographer, as it usually results in photography time getting cut or rushed.

Prospective clients not having the courtesy to email or let me know that they’ve decided to go another way is also frustrating, particularly if I’ve made the time to meet them in person.

By sharing my pet peeves as a wedding photographer, I hope it gives you an opportunity to relate and maybe get some of your own off your chest.

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