WPP 136 - Need To Practice Photography Before Becoming A Wedding Photographer






It might sound obvious, but the need to practice photography before becoming a wedding photographer is not something that we all do. Many decide that they want to take the plunge and will directly start second shooting or photographing budget weddings for friends, then wonder why they’re not getting follow-up leads and bookings.

Rather than getting discouraged (or even giving up), you might want to take a step back and spend some time practicing your skills, both with and away from the camera.

Most wedding photographers who go on to become successful have taken the time to learn their craft and practiced for months (if not years) before deciding to become a professional in the field.

In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you my own journey to becoming a wedding photographer, which included two years photographing NBA basketball games and doing model portraiture shoots.

Practicing photography before you become a wedding photographer gives you time to learn about shooting in manual mode, how to use the flash and develop your people skills.

It’s also important in learning the basics of a sound photography workflow, including downloading images, photo editing skills, and organization.

If you don’t practice photography before becoming a wedding photographer, your chances of getting second shooting opportunities are limited.

This, in turn, will prevent you from building your portfolio, which is what’s ultimately going to attract prospective clients wanting to hire you in the future.

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