WPP 129 - Providing Value And Being A High-Demand Wedding Photographer To Others






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Following on from last week’s podcast episode about what makes you stand out and different from other wedding photographers, I wanted to chat about how you can use that to be a marketable and high-demand wedding photographer, providing a lot of value, that clients, venues and vendors want to work with.

Creating a successful wedding photography business is all about “leverage” and establishing yourself so that you have the upper hand in your negotiations and relationships with clients, venues, and vendors.

You want to establish a reputation that makes clients want to hire you and are willing to pay the prices you charge while other wedding vendors want to refer you because of your work ethic and ability to promote their services.

In this episode, we’ll chat about the different levels of the food chain when it comes to wedding vendors. Coordinators and planners are generally the first to be hired so they have the most leverage and influence when it comes to referring other vendors.

But as wedding photographers, we also have a lot of leverage as we’re the ones with the images that have the shareability potential to build the reputation of other wedding vendors.

So how do you use your position of influence to create leverage so that wedding vendors, venues, and clients want to work with you? What value are you providing and thus making yourself a high-demand wedding photographer?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what makes you different from other wedding photographers. Then identify reasons why each of these three groups of stakeholders (clients, venues, and vendors) should want to collaborate with you.  

Why should clients hire you and trust you as their wedding photographer? What is it about your work ethic that makes other vendors want to collaborate with you? And how are the images you capture going to show their venue at its most stunning to attract future clients?

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