WPP 166 - Recap Of 2018 Wedding Photography Goals And Resolutions For 2019






Long-time listeners will remember some of the wedding photography goals I set out for 2018 and in this podcast episode, I want to recap those and share with you my resolutions for 2019.

From eating healthier and losing weight to photographing at least 35 weddings and grossing more than $150,000 in my business, I’ll share with you how well I did in meeting these goals and where I fell short.

We’ll also chat about the reasons why I didn’t meet some of them, which was because I was busy doing other things. These included starting my sister wedding photography company, Aevitas Studios, and running my first-ever, month-long wedding photography workshop.

But looking towards the future, I’ll share with you what my goals are for next year, including taking on fewer weddings as I grow Aevitas Studios and running a new wedding photography coaching program.

I’ll also touch on a big change that is going to take place in my life as I start a completely new job.

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