WPP 148 - The Danger of Comparing Yourself To Other Wedding Photographers






It’s easy to constantly compare yourself to other, more established photographers, particularly when you’re just starting out and are looking for role models in the industry or trying to learn from others.

But sometimes there comes a point when comparing yourself to other wedding photographers starts getting unhealthy and you might feel yourself in a downward spiral wondering why you aren’t as busy or as successful as them.

In this podcast episode, we’ll chat about why you need to avoid constantly comparing yourself to other wedding photographers and how it can lead to feelings of negativity and maybe even wanting to give up.

Yes, you should allow yourself to be inspired by other wedding photographers and learn from their success but it’s important that you focus more on yourself and what is special about you.

What can you do to stand out from other wedding photographers and what is your “unfair advantage”? Rather than constantly comparing yourself to other wedding photographers, you need to focus on your positives and the steps you can take.

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