WPP 141 - Wedding Photography Progress Update Through June 2018






As the first half of 2018 comes to a close, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on the past six months and how it has been as a wedding photographer, educator, and father of a newborn.

So in this podcast episode, I want to share with you my wedding photography progress and how well I’ve done in achieving the goals I set myself at the end of last year.

I’ll share with you exactly what those goals were and how they related to my wedding photography business and the commitment I wanted to make to the SIWP community.

In some instances, I met the goals I set myself (such as creating a new podcast each week) while for others I fell short (in the case of my weekly live sessions on YouTube).

Some of my goals at the end of 2017 were on a more personal level and related to the changes taking place as my wife and I celebrated our five-year anniversary, moved into our new home and brought our baby girl into the world.

So I’ll also chat about how I’m balancing fatherhood on top of my wedding photography business and education commitments, while also finding some time to do other things I enjoy in life.

The financial obligations of buying a home and the mortgage repayments come as a reality check, particularly if your wedding photography business is your sole income

While we all hope that our career as a wedding photographer will be fun, there are times when you really have to buckle down and be serious about what you’re doing.

By sharing my experiences and how I dealt with this realization, it will hopefully prepare others for the road ahead and what it means to create a successful wedding photography business.

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