WPP 173 - What are your biggest fears as a wedding photographer?






When you first start out in wedding photography, you’re probably excited and inspired about what lies ahead.

But as soon as you start running into challenges, these feelings can quickly transition into nerves and fears about the reality of being a wedding photographer.

Perhaps you’re afraid that despite all the hard work and investment in equipment, people won’t love your photographs and family or friends won’t want to recommend you.

Maybe you’re worried that clients will arrange a meeting but then decide they don’t trust you or simply don’t like you enough to book.

Your fears as a wedding photographer might be that you’ll do a terrible job on a couple’s special day and your reputation will be completely ruined.

After more than a decade working as a wedding photographer, I can tell you that these fears never go away, so it’s important to understand that they’re completely normal.

In this podcast episode, we’ll chat about how you can channel them into something positive and motivating while pushing yourself to be even better.

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