WPP 128 - What Makes You Stand Out From Other Wedding Photographers






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It’s a simple question but an important one - what makes you different and better than other wedding photographers? In today’s world, the wedding photography market is completely saturated and we’re up against so much competition.

So what is it about you that makes you stand out from other wedding photographers and not only make prospective clients want to hire you but also be willing to pay the prices you charge?

Chances are we’re quite biased about our own photography. We see our work all the time and probably love the style and quality of images.

Additionally, we probably think the prices we are charging are justified (or that we should be charging even more). But that doesn’t mean others see our wedding photography or brand in the same light.

In this episode, I’ll chat about the four main aspects that prospective clients consider when booking a wedding photographer and how we can stand out (in their eyes) in all of them.

Firstly, does our pricing fit within their budget and justify the quality of photography we are offering? Secondly, does our style of photography appeal to them and stand out from other wedding photographers they might be considering?

Thirdly, what is our online reputation like or how glowing are our word-of-mouth referrals. Lastly, what is your customer service like? What do couples think (of you) when they meet you?

How do you go from being a complete stranger to them having the trust and confidence that you will capture their special day the way they envision and sign the contract?

It’s important to put yourself in their shoes to get a different perspective on what makes you stand out from other wedding photographers to ensure you’ll get the bookings you want.

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