WPP 150 - What would an ideal wedding photography lifestyle be for you?






While we often focus on the logistical side of wedding photography and how to get more leads/bookings, in this podcast episode, I want to look at the bigger picture of achieving the lifestyle that you desire.

How would your days, weeks and months look like in an ideal world, with the balance between work, family, and hobbies that you really love?

We’ll chat about figuring out exactly what’s important to you and how you want to spend time outside of your business, whether it’s juggling a conventional job, a family or indulging your other interests.

Starting with how you’d like an ideal day to look, we’ll lengthen it out into an ideal week and eventually a month, so that you can dream big in devising your own wedding photography lifestyle.

In the second part of the podcast, we’ll discuss why you haven’t achieved the work/life balance you might want and what’s preventing you from reaching this. By looking at the bigger picture, I hope to inspire you to be ambitious about building a lifestyle and career in wedding photography that suits your individual dreams, interests, and needs.

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