WPP 183 - Why I'm Taking A Break Part 2 - Wedding Chatbots






Last week I announced that I would be ending my podcast series at the end of this month and explained some of the reasons why. I’ve been juggling a lot of things over the past few years - a wedding photography business, a YouTube channel, a full-time job and being a father, as well as my wedding photography coaching program.

But before I sign off, I want to share with you one more revelation I’ve had in the last few months - Facebook Messenger chatbots. I really believe that this is the future of marketing in the wedding photography industry and provides an effective way to get leads and communicate with prospective clients.

Since establishing my chatbot, I’ve been getting 4-5 leads per day and chatting directly with customers about their wedding photography needs.

I’m currently creating a curriculum to help other wedding photographers and vendors implement chatbots into their business and utilize it as a marketing tool. To learn more, check out the free masterclass at www.weddingchatbots.com and get on the chatbot train before it becomes completely saturated.


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