WPP 177 - Why Saying “No” As A Wedding Photographer Is Key To Your Success






When you first start out in wedding photography, you’re probably just soaking it all in and wanting to learn as much as possible. But there comes a point where you have to start taking action and put in the time required to get things done that will lead to bookings.

In doing so, you have to start saying “no” to lots of other things in your life and focus that energy on growing your business. It might sound like a harsh reality, but saying “no” as a wedding photographer to other things in your life is what it takes to be successful.

It might be saying “no” to socializing and watching TV or maybe it’s saying “no” to social media (aside from business needs). Perhaps there are hobbies or interests in your life that you need to scale back to give yourself time to focus on your business.

In this podcast episode, we’ll chat about the importance of prioritizing things in your life and figuring out what you can say “no” to. If you try and do everything, it just won’t work and the success of your wedding photography business will suffer.


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