WPP 130 - You're Worth Exactly What You Charge As A Wedding Photographer






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As wedding photographers, we often struggle with questions surrounding how much we should be charging. Is our pricing too high for the market we’re in (and therefore preventing prospective clients from booking us) or maybe we could be charging a little more than we are?

In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you my idea that you’re worth exactly what you charge as a wedding photographer. Whether a couple decides to hire you doesn’t just come down to pricing, buy your work as a wedding photographer, your reputation, and your overall brand.

The market helps to dictate the supply of wedding photographers and the demand from prospective clients and over time, you’re going to find out if what you are charging fits within that model.

If you start charging more, perhaps you’ll end up with fewer bookings and earnings over the course of a year. While at the same time, if you dropped your prices, maybe you would end up attracting more clients.

So as a wedding photographer, you have to determine whether the work and services you provide justifies the price you charge and if it’s in line with your standing as a professional.

Maybe you see other wedding photographers around you with a similar quality of work who are charging a lot more. But at the same time, there may be photographers that have a great reputation and have featured on wedding websites whose rates are actually lower than yours.

Some may see this as holding back the market and limiting what we could all be charging (and earning) as wedding photographers. But over time, it will find its equilibrium and you’ll discover the pricing profile that enables you to secure the bookings and earnings you want in your wedding photography business.

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