From Starting Out To Bookings In 3 Months

Why do most new wedding photographers struggle so much to book weddings and never end up going part or full-time?
The current ways of learning how to become a wedding photographer won't work anymore.
Find out why and what you can do RIGHT NOW to fast track your progress to success in the next few months.
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You're going to learn...

  • Why most new wedding photographers fail right from the very beginning.

  • How your current actions may be harming than helping your business.

  • Why the current ways of learning how to become a successful wedding photographer won’t work anymore.

  • 5 things you need to implement TODAY to start seeing success in your business.

Presented by: Henry Chen

Based out of Los Angeles, I've had the pleasure of being a wedding photographer the past decade-plus, having shot over 450 weddings (Aevitas Weddings).

I also help wedding photographers, like yourself, pursue their passion in wedding photography and achieve their goals in going part or full-time.

Specifically, I coach wedding photographers to get more leads, bookings, and earnings, and have the lifestyle they've envisioned as a successful wedding photographer.


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