Are YOU ready to become a full-time wedding photographer ?

Be coached directly by Henry on a 1-on-1 basis, and take the quickest, easiest path to not only booking more weddings, but building and sustaining a successful wedding photography business for the long run.


How would your life change if you doubled your wedding bookings and earnings next year?

Hi, my name is Henry Chen of Aevitas Weddings. A full-time wedding photographer (since 2009), and I want to help you be one too.


Struggling to book weddings or even get client inquiries...crossing your fingers an engaged couple will contact you today?

Overwhelmed by the amount of resources out there, possibly even purchased a course or two, but still not getting anywhere?

No time with a conventional job and/or a family to take care of...can barely squeeze an hour or two to work on your business?

Starting your business from complete scratch in either a saturated or small can you ever compete with the seasoned pros?

Enough is enough.

I'm tired of seeing wedding photographers, even some of my own colleagues, not being able to make a full-time living in wedding photography.

Whether it's making $50k+, $100k+ or even $150k+...photographing 15, 30 or 40+ weddings per year, I'm on a personal mission to help you become a successful wedding photographer.


23 weddings booked for 2018, at the end of 2017.

Direct words from my amazing 2018 clients asking me to send them the contract and on how to make the deposit. Of the 20 weddings booked for 2018, over half were through email or just a virtual meeting.

Hard work + commitment + coaching = more than 2x bookings.

We went into the 1-on-1 coaching with Henry with basically no knowledge of the business game. So we had high-expectations of what we were going to be taught.

Going through the 6-month long coaching journey, our expectations were met and then some. We were given the knowledge and the tools needed to further our business.

Henry gave us some great advice and SEO tips for revamping our entire website, which was greatly needed.

We appreciated that he took the time to look into every aspect of running a wedding photography business and explained in-depth what to look out for and what strategies to execute in order to see results.

The weekly progress reports in addition to the bi-weekly coaching meetings kept us on track in achieving our goals.

- J & A


So who is this Henry guy?

I don't blame you. If I were to invest my time, money, and energy into someone, I want to make sure that person is more than qualified to help me succeed. Before we go any further, let me take a moment to share with you what I've been up to and what my own couples have had to say.

Aevitas Weddings

Owner and photographer of Aevitas Weddings, my wedding photography company. With 400+ weddings photographed in a variety of settings, styles, cultures, and faiths.

230+ WeddingWire Reviews

Excited to be one of the most and highest rated wedding photographers in Southern CA on WeddingWire, currently with 237 reviews (all weddings and directly from the bride and groom).

SEO 2nd Page And 50+ Google Reviews

I'm right at the top of the map pack and my website link is on the 2nd page for the ever-so-popular phrase, "Los Angeles Wedding Photographers". Also have 52 Google reviews.

130+ Yelp Reviews

Honored to also be one of the most and highest rated wedding photographers in Southern CA on Yelp, currently with 139 reviews.

Wedding Photography Podcast

Host of the weekly show with 110+ episodes, the "Wedding Photography Podcast", 18 5-star reviews on iTunes.

Featured On Entertainment Tonight

Photographed Fox's "Empire" Kaitlin Doubleday and DJ Devin Lucien's wedding, photos featured on ET, US Weekly, The Knot, and other media channels.

"With all the tools and guidance we received through the program we have been able to quickly grow our wedding photography business quickly in a new city and our leads have never been higher."

Vince C.
Full-time wedding photographer | Florida

"Henry's educational efforts has undeniably helped me create a strong foundation to grow my photography business balancing the creative with strong business and customer service skills."

Kevin M.
Aspiring wedding photographer | California

"The mentoring program allowed me to review the material on my own terms and implement the pieces that we needed to move the needle on inquiries as well as bookings."

Chris H.
Full-time wedding photographer | California

"Henry knows what works or not from his experience and can fast track your success before you even know what questions to ask."

Gary L.
Part-time wedding photographer | Georgia

How is your coaching program different than other wedding photographers?

I go beyond just the technical and even the business side of wedding photography. I'm going to incorporate your lifestyle and specifically what YOU want out of business (not assume it's the same as everyone else).

My goal is to tackle the root causes of your struggle and either solve or prevent them from happening again.

You can search online and find tons of great resources on how to use your camera, edit in Lightroom, and come up with a pricing sheet. You can also buy the latest courses and sign up for stylized shoots/seminars.

But where has that gotten you? Are you STILL struggling to get inquiries, bookings or even visits to your websites? Is there a road map, a game plan, out there that is tailored specifically for YOU? That's where I come in.

This isn't just a one or two-day workshop, where I'm not liable for your financial and personal success. It's a long-term commitment stretching several months, tackling all aspects of running AND sustaining YOUR successful wedding photography business.

It's simple: if you succeed, I succeed. So let's get started TODAY!

A Few More Examples Of My 2018 Clients

Followers, pins, likes, and hearts are nice. But I determine my success by how happy my clients are, and being able to financially support my family by the income I make in wedding photography.

What can you expect if you have me as your coach?

  • Help you book your ideal number of weddings in the least amount of money, time, and energy (without cutting corners).

  • Get advice and tips tailored specifically to you, your business, and lifestyle.

  • Hold you accountable every single week, ensuring you meet your financial and personal goals.

  • Inside scoop to everything about my business, from what I've done to what I'll be doing to continue photographing 35-40+ weddings and making $150k+ per year.

  • Guide you to not only start and build a successful wedding photography business, but a sustainable one for many more years.

  • Assist you in coming up with an efficient workflow so you maximize the resources you put into your business.

  • Share with you everything from finding your unique style of wedding photography and maintaining a high-traffic website to booking your ideal weddings and managing all your earnings and profits.


Stop letting each day pass by and START getting one step closer towards becoming a successful, full-time wedding photographer. I'm ready to get to work. Are you?


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