Helping you BOOK MORE WEDDINGS and build a SUSTAINABLE, successful wedding photography business for the LONG RUN.

Live training, group coaching, Q&A sessions, and much more. My very best content that's not available anywhere else. If you've found my podcast and YouTube videos valuable, wait until you see what I have in store for you inside this group.

Success In Wedding Photography

Members-Only, Private Facebook Group


So honored to receive this testimonial from one of the first members of the group:

I've been in the Success in Wedding Photography group for the past couple weeks and it has definitely been worth its weight in gold in helping grow my husband+wife wedding photography business.

Henry, the leader of the group, is extremely passionate in helping others in achieving their goals of being a successful wedding photographer whether it be full-time or part-time.

Having been in the wedding industry for greater than 10 years, Henry has been through it all and he is not afraid of being completely transparent in informing the group of what works and what doesn't through his experiences.

He shares how many inquiries and bookings he gets each month with the group and he holds weekly live Facebook trainings where he interacts and answers questions.

Unlike attending pricey workshops where I would go in listening to all the great information, get excited about implementing everything into my business, and then eventually go home ending up not doing anything at all, this Facebook group shows some results.

It is designed in such a way that each and every member of the group holds the others accountable for truly achieving their goals.

I would highly recommend this group for those wanting to grow their business whether they are already a seasoned pro but struggling on getting over that hump to a beginner first starting out and looking into getting some valuable information on the whole industry.

Want to get a glimpse of my live training sessions?

Here's a short, 15-minute video going over my January leads, bookings, and earnings. More importantly, I breakdown exactly where I got the leads, and why couples did/didn't book me. This is just a small sample of the detail we get into inside this private Facebook group.


Let's Take Another Look Inside The Group

Here's a sample of an upcoming live, training announcement on going from a lead to a booking. Plus, an actual video I sent to a prospective client moments after I got the inquiry.

Here's just a short list of topics I cover with my members on a weekly basis.

Going From Conventional Job To Full-Timer

How to transition from a conventional job to a full-time wedding photographer (while supporting a family and paying for a mortgage).

Booking Wedding Clients All Through The Web

How to book brides and grooms without meeting them in person or even over the web, all without a studio and working from home.

Getting 100+ Reviews On WeddingWire, Yelp, And Google

How to get your past couples to leave you raving testimonials, and build up your review count to the 100s, even if you're starting from ZERO right now.

Attracting AND Photographing Your Ideal Clientele

How to get your dream couples to find and hire you, photographing the weddings YOU want, even if you're in a competitive market.

Ranking High On Google With Proper SEO Techniques

How to get on the first/second page of Google for popular keywords like [your city] wedding photographer by conducting good SEO strategies.

Having The Life You Always Wanted As A Photographer

How to have a healthy lifestyle doing what you love, making a difference in the lives of your couples, actually making a living, and having time for loved ones and other interests.

Are you familiar with my weekly wedding photography tips videos on YouTube?

Expect much more in-depth content within this SIWP Group. There's no holding back now, with content tailored specifically for you and your business.

Here's Another Look Inside The Group

I just started a Facebook ads account and am going to track my progress. Not only that, but I'll be sharing with you my success, failures, and lessons learned so you can follow along with me. That's the kind of insight you'll get inside this group.

What one founding member, who is willing to pay almost double what it costs now, said:

For the level of attention you are giving to each student now I personally feel it’s worth $50.

Especially the videos you are making consistently (and even unpredictably) does make it a step up from the other membership sites. With the level of attention you are giving us right now I do feel it’s worth it.

The on-time learning + quick personal feedback portion is why I am willing to pay more.

In only a few days of joining the SIWP Facebook group, I’ve already seen massive improvements I need to make for my business.

The level of attention that Henry gives to each of his students is incredible.

If you are serious in your photography business and treating this like a full-time job even when you are hustling part time, join his program. You won’t regret it!

Monthly fee:

Good news is it's not $50/month to join. I want to make this group and the content within it accessible to as many wedding photographers who are DEAD SERIOUS about creating, building, and sustaining a successful business. I hope that's you!










Are you finding my free training sessions valuable?

Wait until you see what I have in store for you inside the SIWP Group that's going to help take your business to a whole new level.

I'm holding you accountable to meet your goals!

Achievements, shortcomings, and progression. We make sure you're actually seeing positive results and get many more times the investment in this group.

For being one of the first members:

"Thank you" special bonuses you'll receive for joining the SIWP Group within the first month. These items will expire on February 28th, 2018.

30-minute coaching session.

Not sure what to do next in your business? Let's start things off on the right foot by hopping on a call (Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime) so I can get to know you better, as well as address some of your most pressing questions.

Valued at $150.

Lead and booking workflow worksheet.

Not tracking your leads and bookings? No problem, let me share with you the exact Google Sheets spreadsheet I've used the past 6 years to track how my business is doing, along with a video on how to use it.

Valued at $50.

Members-only SEO and Google Analytics course.

Not sure where to begin with SEO and using Google Analytics? Wondering how I'm getting 8-10 leads a month via web search? Watch my 60+ minute webinar on SEO and Google Analytics. We'll also be talking all about this inside the group!

Valued at $100.

Could I just ask you two questions?

You probably have listened to my podcast and watched my YouTube videos, possibly implemented a thing or two that I suggested. Hopefully, I've gained your trust through them all.

1. Do you think I can help you gain 5...10...20x the return on your investment in me?

You've already spent a lot of your time and hard earned money on other educational materials and gotten certain results, good or bad.

2. Where will you be in another year if you continue to do the same thing in your business?

If you're ready to try something new, knowing you have someone who is fully invested in your success, consider joining the SIWP Group.

I'm ready to get started, are you?


What one founding member had to say:

What I like about this group is your openness to show what you are doing and what's working for you. Other groups I’ve been a part of are not photographers, so some things were not particular to us or its just not the same.

So to hear from some one who’s in the same field and being successful and not just a marketing group is something that appealed to me. Also, getting to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of running and growing the business.

Monthly fee:

Limited-time, early-bird rate of just $27/month. Prices are scheduled to increase in upcoming months but you'll be locked into this special rate. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!










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