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The best album proofing software for photographers.

If you’re looking for the quickest, easiest and most beautiful way to share your album designs with brides and grooms, look no further than AlbumExposure.

Not only can you share your album designs with brides and grooms but it offers your couples an incredible viewing experience and the opportunity to give feedback in an efficient manner.

I’ve been using this album proofing software since I established my business back in 2008 and am excited to share it with the SIWP community.

In this review article, I want to give an overview of AlbumExposure and share some of the features and attributes that I really love and how I use them in my workflow.

There are a few criteria that I look for in the software programs I use in my business to make sure they’re a good fit not only for me but also to recommend to my community.

Easy and intuitive.

One thing that I love about AlbumExposure is just how easy it is to use, with a backend that’s intuitive. Rather than offering loads of features, I’ll never use, each of the setting options is something that I can implement on a regular basis.

You can add music to create slideshows or even work in different languages, then once you’ve created your albums, you can easily export them and send links for couples to view.

Receiving couple feedback.

On the right-hand side of the AlbumExposure interface is a dialogue box where couples can leave comments and request changes to their album.

Maybe they want some images swapped around or to add another spread and this makes it super easy for you to monitor changes and respond.

Every time they leave a comment, you’ll get an email notification and can go in and make the requested changes.


Keep track of changes.

How many of us have been in that situation during rounds of revising albums when you lose track of the changes and which version of the album is the most current one?

The great thing about AlbumExposure is that you can create a new version of the album spread without losing previous ones and can move between different versions with ease.

This makes it super easy to keep track of the changes you’re making and create the perfect album for your couples.


Only upload files once.

Something else I love is that once you upload the high-res JPEG files to your album designs in AlbumExposure, you can send them directly to your album company to print and bind once the couple has proofed and approved the album.

This will save you some time, as you don't have to fill out additional forms or go through another software and upload your high-res JPEG files for the album production company.


Sharing your albums.

Once you’ve created albums using AlbumExposure, it’s really easy to share them with your couples. In addition to offering email templates with the album link already populated, AlbumExposure gives you plenty of opportunities to customize emails and tailor them to individual couples with a personal touch.

I often send my couples this link after they’ve seen a blog post or slideshow but before sharing an online gallery, which I think can sometimes be overwhelming for couples to sift through looking for their favorite photos.

With AlbumExposure, couples can easily browse through the images that I’ve selected and provide their feedback on what they want to change, without being tasked with the job of creating the album from complete scratch.


A gorgeous viewing experience.

I really love the viewing experience on AlbumExposure, with quick load times and stunning displays for couples to relive their wedding day and see what their album will look like.

They can view it on a mobile or iPad, although I always recommend for them to do so on a desktop when providing feedback.


Sharing on your website.

In addition to using AlbumExposure for album proofing with your couples, you can also share albums on your website and social media channels to help market your business.

What better way to impress prospective clients than through gorgeous albums to showcase exactly what you can create for them?

Just go to “Promote” and click on “Enable Sharing”, with the option to share to your website, social media or send directly to prospective clients via email. I’ve shared some of my favorite albums on my website so anybody can view them.

I feel like this is a nicer experience for prospective couples than clicking through entire galleries of images. It’s taking the next step in showing them what my past couples have received and what they can expect.


Branding for your website.

Lastly, I love that you can completely customize your AlbumExposure account for your brand, adding your own color scheme, logo, and URL. Just go to “Branding” and “Masked url” (which for me is and add your business’s brand instead of Album Exposure’s to create a customized domain.

In addition, you can keep track of who’s viewing which albums and what the most popular ones are by clicking on “View Stats”, helping you to understand your clientele and build your brand.

Updated (1/15/18):

I want to provide some comments from AlbumExposure themselves, as I missed mentioning a few other important aspects of this great software. From Gary of AlbumExposure:

(1) "You mention uploading the high res spreads which is exactly what we recommend and is required for Send to Print.

When discussing high-res files though, I've found it's often helpful to add that our system uses the high res files to make web optimized versions for multiple screen sizes, so we're not serving up the print ready files to the clients.

We do everything technically possible to limit the ability to save files (basically screenshots are the only option we can't plan against).

Sometimes we find photographers get nervous thinking their high-res, print-ready files are 'out there', but really we hold the high-res (for Send to Print) and serve up the optimized versions for different devices/screen sizes."

(2) When discussing commenting in the side comment area, it might also be good to mention tagging, which allows the user or client to mark directly on the spread and leave an attached comment for more specific feedback."


I’m a big fan of Album Exposure, which is why I’ve been using it for the last decade and think there’s no better software available for album proofing.

You can find out more at and sign up for two free album designs to see if you like it and want to add it to your workflow.

There are two different pricing options to select from: pay-by-the-month at $15/month or annual Photographer Edition subscription for $149 (saving $31).

Use the special promo code SIWP20 to save $20 off your first yearly subscription.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Album Exposure. Have you used it and do you like it? So get in touch at [email protected] to let me know!


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***If you do purchase AlbumExposure, be sure to email me and let me know, so I can send you my special guide on how I use AlbumExposure to help me get more leads and bookings.***

The guide is only available to those that purchase AlbumExposure through my SIWP link.


Full disclosure: At this time, I'm NOT making any monetary commission from AlbumExposure, but have been given a free subscription to their software.


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