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Thank you to all the amazing listeners of the Wedding Photography Podcast, who took some time to write an honest review on iTunes.

I truly can't appreciate enough your kind words, they are my inspiration to continue doing everything I can in helping you achieve your goals as a wedding photographer.

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Kylebaculanta (Kyle) in the Philippines (8/28/17):

This podcast helped me fully understand the meaning of a wedding photographer. Every time I listen to this podcast it always inspire me to improve my career is a wedding photographer. I hope you don't stop posting on you're podcast more power and two thumps up.

Yvonne Photo + Video (Yvonne) in Mexico (7/20/17):

I started listening wedding photography podcast on IG and I love it because Henry is really interested in your success I have applied a lot of his tips in my own work and is working ✅ Thank you!

BlevinsMusicTN in Tennessee, USA (6/21/17):

I'm a new wedding and portrait photographer from Tennessee. I have been helped tremendously just from listening to the podcast. You truly cover all aspects of the industry and I appreciate it! A solid model to follow!

PSphotography Dublin in Ireland (4/30/17):

One of the best wedding photography podcasts around, full of information love it!!

transit rat in California, USA (11/14/16):

Henry's experience and passion for wedding photography really comes through on his podcast. I love his transparency and support for fellow photographers. As a fellow Los Angeles based wedding photographer, I totally understand where he's coming from and it's so refreshing to hear the effort and diligence to continue to push through and work at being an awesome business owner as well as skilled photographer. Keep it up, man!

jmarietee (Jocelyn) in California, USA (9/19/16):

Henry, I found your podcast at one of my darkest points as an artist and in life. Your podcasts have helped me pick myself up (and my camera) and remember why I do what I do. Even though you are at the top of the profession pyramid, hearing you speak definitely comes off as if we have been friends for a long time. Thank you for your advice, support, and constantly making your listeners feel appreciated. The way you care about us listeners is what encouraged me to step forth and even write a review.
I enjoy having your podcast part of my daily commute now! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and sharing your journey with me and many of photographers around the world. I hope one of these days we can have coffee! Please look forward to getting an email or another form of contact for mentoring. Best, Jocelyn *wanting to go full pro* Seattle, WA to Oceanside, CA

TheOne312 (Gary) in Georgia, USA (9/13/16):

Henry took his decade of wedding photography knowledge and present them in a way you can benefit every single moment of it. He has a very humble personality yet knows how to run the business the right way. I've to say this is rare to find. If you are serious in going full time with your wedding photography business this is the podcast to listen to!

disroc (Ryan) in California, USA (9/8/16):

I was on the exercise bike at the gym when I stumbled upon "Wedding Photography Podcast"! Henry's words come from such a real & humble place...I knew I was hooked after listening to the first show! The topic range is all encompassing and really hits Wedding Photography from every angle possible. From client interactions, business practices, and even mindset for reaching and accomplishing goals! This podcast is AMAZING...so authentic and thought provoking it should be part of every wedding photographer's playlist!

PhotoMaths (Evgenios) in Cyprus (8/2/16):

Clever, knows his stuff, willing to help. If you want to take your photography business to the next level this is the podcast for you. Thanks!

Vincebenj (Vince) in Florida, USA (7/25/16):

There is a long list of reasons to subscribe to this podcast, but I'll only mention a few. 1.) It doesn't matter if you're brand new or extremely experienced as a wedding photographer you'll find bits of gold in every one of Henry's podcasts. We have shot around 150 weddings since we started and we are still learning from this guy. 2.) Along with being an excellent photographer he knows the business side of things equally, if not better, as the photography aspect.
3.) His podcast challenges you, honestly this one is the hardest thing for me but the most rewarding, here's why: When I listen to his podcasts there is always something I come away with that I need to change, implement or even finish. This always pushes me in the direction that is uncomfortable but super rewarding. If it wasn't uncomfortable then everyone would do it and that is boring. 4.) The dude's voice is sooo soothing, lol I'm just joking.He is a cool guy, been stalking his website for years he just didn't know it.
If you're an experienced photographer make sure you check out the podcast: "What Wedding Photographers Wish They Could Say and Do On the Wedding day Part 1 and 2"...you'll laugh and be like that happens to you too?

Stee green (Stee) in the United Kingdom (7/4/16):

Found this podcast before my first wedding it helped me out and now I'm a dedicated listener! Henry's tips and advice are excellent and helpful and he is easy to listen to with his friendly and inviting nature, keep up the great work Henry.

Kip Dillinger (Kip) in California, USA (6/25/16):

I stumbled upon the Wedding Photography Podcast when I was looking for something to help me grow and to keep me company during my long drives to and from work! Suffice it to say, this podcast (led by Henry) has easily become my FAVORITE podcast since Henry provides insightful comments in an encouraging way and his passion for wedding photography is so apparent with not only his words but in his voice.
Henry has so many years of experience in this industry and I appreciate his honesty and willingness to share his successes as well as mistakes. He is definitely a true professional. Without a doubt, Henry is such an inspiration to me each and every week and I can't thank him enough for it!

Aftershot Album Design (Lu) in New Zealand (4/30/16):

In this podcast series Henry is able to identify and address real life problems and challenges that you will confront when setting up a wedding photography business. There is an extensive amount of material covered. There are many choices and decisions ahead of you and the advice given here will save time and a lot of worry. You will surely recognize the issues that Henry addresses in his discussions.
As an album designer and wedding photography lover I have seen and experienced many wedding photographers through the years. Henry’s podcast series is easy to understand, covering important points that you need to know and are fun to listen to. His real life experience is evident throughout this podcast series and he is very generous in sharing such valuable experiences. Highly recommended!

BruddahKev (Kevin) in California, USA (4/28/16):

As a photography enthusiast who has shot a friend's intimate wedding and a few children's birthday parties, I naturally searched for podcasts that provided insight, advice, tips, etc. in this industry to help me get off the proverbial bench. Lo and behold, I unexpectedly stumbled upon Henry's podcast series, and who better to give a glimpse behind the curtains of wedding photography than the photographer who SHOT MY OWN WEDDING!!
Mixing personal anecdotes with professional expertise all the while being humble reminded me why we chose Henry to be our wedding photographer amongst all others in this highly saturated Southern California market. The podcasts are relatable, entertaining, inspiring, and above all else highly educational!

michaelmak87 (Michael) in Canada (4/20/16):

As a newcomer to wedding photography, Henry's podcast offers bite sized chunks of wisdom doled out across various topics and subject areas that are easily absorbed and understood. Drawing from his personal experience, I find that his teachings are well backed up by examples and good business acumen. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking to get their foot into the world of wedding photography and running a successful business.

CareyGreen (Carey) in the USA (3/2/16):

I love the unassuming, humble way Henry approaches his craft and the business of making a business out of it. He's unashamed at sharing what he has learned from victories and mistakes, and gives you some great insights about how to go about building your own wedding photography business. He's got a great show and provides value from beginning to end. Listen to this show.

Sean (Sean) in New Jersey, USA (1/17/16):

Wedding Photography Podcast - excellent podcast. Highly recommended for shooting weddings and for the business of wedding photography. Henry is a real PRO. He covers everything from A-Z. Thanks Henry!!


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