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How else could you more effectively use the time that you currently spend color correcting in your business?

Since May of 2016, I’ve been outsourcing the work to what I think is the best color correcting company for photographers and it’s been the most significant positive change to take place in my business.

It’s opened up so much more time for me to work on other aspects of my business and my wedding photography educational efforts, as well as spending time doing other things I love.

I want to share with you why I can’t live without their services and the straightforward process of working with them - from culling your images to uploading them as smart previews, then reviewing the images once they’ve been color corrected.

This is one of the best color correcting companies for photographers because they won’t charge you anything unless you’re completely satisfied and will edit to suit your style.

They’ll do everything from vignetting and cropping to noise reduction, HSL correction and sensor dust removal, many of which can’t be batch edited and need to be looked at individually.

I’ll also share with you a special link to help you get started, which includes a promo offer of 10% off their already affordable prices.


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