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Best Online Gallery For Wedding Photographers - CloudSpot Review


Best Studio Management Software For Photographers - Táve Review

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As a full-time wedding photographer, online educator, and a father, I’m always looking for ways to make my business run more efficiently so I have more time to spend doing other things and around people that I love.

Which is why the studio management software Táve has been such a game changer in my business. From keeping track of leads and bookings to monitoring my emails, setting daily tasks, and evaluating my profits and expenses, it’s a one-stop destination for managing all aspects of my business.

In this Táve review, I’ll share with you some of the criteria that I look for in a studio management software, including the essential features such as managing leads and bookings, financial monitoring and the ability to get a bird’s eye view of your data across multiple months or years.

Not only will Táve help you to run your business more efficiently and effectively but it offers an excellent client experience, with individual portals where they can access their contracts, proposals, and questionnaires.

Everything is streamlined with Táve so that you never miss a beat, ensuring your clients are well looked after every step of the way and even helping me book clients without having in-person meetings.

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level and having the best client management software to help you manage all the details, then Táve is for you.


Best Online Slideshow Software For Photographers - SmartSlides Review

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Slideshows are now the most powerful means for me to market my wedding photography to prospective couples, and the testimonials from my past clients speak for themselves.

They can draw on the emotional heartstrings and help a couple relive their wedding day in a way that a blog post or gallery just can’t and that’s why they’re so effective.

In addition to being simple to use, SmartSlides can be branded to your business so that it feels like its part of your website and it offers a great selection of royalty free songs to fit the style and ambiance of the wedding.

In this SmartSlides review, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at just how intuitive the software is to use and how you can create gorgeous slideshows in a matter of minutes.

Drag and drop images into the order you prefer, select the duration that they’re displayed and set it all to songs that reflect your brand and your couple. The software is highly responsive and best of all, it’s fun to use.

I’ll also demonstrate how I easily share slideshows with brides and grooms, as well as on my website and my social media pages.


Album Proofing For Photographers - AlbumExposure Review

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For the past decade-plus, my go-to album proofing software has been AlbumExposure and in this review, I’ll share with you the features and attributes that I think makes it such a standout.

From its ease of use to the intuitive backend and gorgeous designs, I’ll give you an introduction to the elements of AlbumExposure that I love.

Add music to create slideshows and have your own custom domain name. Once you’ve created your albums, you can easily export them and send links for couples to view. Keep track of changes without losing older album versions and receive email notifications every time your couple requests a revision.

In addition to offering a simple and stunning way to share album designs with my couples and receive their feedback in a user-friendly manner, AlbumExposure can also be utilized to market your wedding photography business to prospective clients.

Brand your AlbumExposure account for your wedding photography business and showcase to brides and grooms exactly what they can expect if they book you as their wedding photographer.


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